Friday, October 31, 2014

Trion to do Damage Control

As I said previously, I would update my initial posting concerning the Rift server rollbacks a week ago.  However, there has been nothing to update with until today.  The biggest thing is that there was no response or dialogue, no communication between Trion and the players.  As such, everyone was left in the dark as to what was going on.  Previously, I posted Daglar’s initial posting, which said that they were in talks about additional compensation for Faeblight in particular.  However, all the players received were any credits they may have spent during the time between the rollback start location and the unexpected downtime, and an additional 750 credits for paying subscribers.  Let me quote Daglar:

We've awarded back credits to users who spent credits, and additional credits to paying users for the downtime. I've unstuck the thread at this point in time. We also applied global benefits to the affects servers - a particularly large bonus to Faeblight as well.

This is not a monocle gate situation - this was an unfortunate hardware failure, and we could have kept the servers down for another 24+ hours attempting to recover the data. I made the call to get the servers back up so people could actually play as opposed to avoiding a rollback, but not allowing folks to play for at a minimum, another 24 hours.


Now, let me explain what this means.  It means that if you were a paying subscriber—I specifically say were because I know a lot of people have cancelled their subscriptions since the rollback and before this blog posting—you should have received 750 credits.  If you didn’t, you’re SOL.  If you’re not a subscriber, you’re SOL.

But you got that nifty 50% bonus to make up for the hours upon hours of playtime you lost.  Oh, and it only applied to kills, not quests.

You didn’t get enough to purchase even one +160% EXP potion.  You didn’t get anything worth mentioning, not even the loyalty associated with purchasing the credits.  Faeblight lost 56 hours of time—24 hours from the rollback, 12 from the downtime, and the additional 24 hours having to re-grind what we had already lost.  This puts us, as a server, out of contention for the majority of firsts associated with leveling and the like.

I’m going to be honest, it’s bullshit.  This is the type of customer service that has caused companies to fold before.  I’ll go into that later.

I will be keeping this post short because I’m livid and I want to make the post covering this bullshit a proper one, complete with facts and the like.  That requires me to take the time to do that.  But I will leave you with this picture validating that Daglar has sent it to me.

EDIT  Some people have said that Daglar didn't confirm that is all we'd be getting.  However, several minutes ago Daglar posted to the thread itself.

The official compensation was 750 credits for paying players, in addition to massive exp and token boosts for the entirety of the server. If you were a paying user during this time period that appears to have been erroneously missed, please contact customer support.

As stated in the original post, it was most certainly my decision to get the servers back up in the most timely fashion possible. We could have continued data recovery processes for Faeblight for multiple additional days - which would be multiple additional days of downtime. It was completely my call to return servers to a playable state and apply a rollback to Faeblight.


Congratulations everyone, you'll see nothing more.

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